So, this is my blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing one for a while, but always sat down and thought ‘I really have nothing of any importance to say or write about’. I’m now sitting down, thinking that exact thing. I have nothing significant to add to all the other shite on the internet, but that doesn’t seem to stop other people from waffling on about vintage shoes and cats and baking and Russell Brand and cellulite and wars and stuff.

The very notion of a blog makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s pretty weird. What makes us able to pour out all that we think and feel on a faceless screen, but yet we are unable to make eye contact with real people on a bus? Have things gone horribly wrong? Or are we on some evolutionary social precipice?

Anyhow, I’m here now so I might as well write some more waffle.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Kate – this is Rob Parsons from the Yorkshire Evening Post. I was wondering if I could speak to about your recent blog post? I’d like to get a piece in the YEP if at all possible. If you could contact me at the supplied email address, I’d be grateful. Thanks! Rob


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